Style Guide by Cisco aka ODPhadez:

We asked our very own head barber, Cisco to give us a few tips on styling a side part using Suavecito pomade and grooming spray.

We begin by using Suavecito’s Grooming Spray; this spray is intended to lay a foundation for the blow dry.
Apply the grooming spray liberally throughout the top.
Using a quiff brush, start to blow dry the hair in the direction it will lay.
Tip: Use the ‘Hot’ setting on your blowdryer first and then switch it to ‘Cool’ to lock the shape in.
I use the Original Hold from Suavecito. Start with a small amount (about nickel size) and if needed, add some more.
Evenly spread the pomade in your hands and start to work it in from the back of the head. Apply around the cowlick, then work towards the part, and then to the front.
Use a wide tooth comb to the hair in place, allowing the pomade further spread in the hair. The finishing touches are done with the fine tooth section of the comb.
The finished product.

Suavecito Original Hold is available for $10 online or in the shop.
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